IWXXM Converter

SWIM Migration?

You don't want to replace the whole system? We have the right solution for your problem!

Our IWXXM converter can be integrated by any system and it is conforming with ICAO amend 78 and from November 2020 with the Amend 79 with the IWXXM 3.1.

How it works?

We offer 2 different solutions:

  • Via HTTP request including the TAC and returning the IWXXM message

  • Via a system command that returns the IWXXM

Which data can be converted?

  • Aviation Routine Report (METAR)

  • Aerodrome Forecast (”short” TAF) (VT < 12 hours)

  • Tropical Cyclone Advisory

  • Special Aviation Weather Reports (SPECI)

  • Aviation General Warning (SIGMET)

  • Aerodrome Forecast (”long” TAF) (VT >= 12 hours)

  • Volcanic Ash Advisory

  • Aviation Volcanic Ash Warning (VA SIGMET)


  • Aviation Tropical Cyclone Warning (TC SIGMET)

Need a reverse conversion?

Our module is able to convert back to TAC!!!!!

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