Automatic Message Switching System

A Bit of History

Everyone knows Aristotle from history books at school, but not everyone knows that Aristotle is considered the founder of meteorology. In fact METEOROLOGY was also a book written by Aristotle.

The text discusses what he believed to have been all the affections common to air and water, and the kinds and parts of the earth and the affections of its parts. It includes early accounts of water evaporation, earthquakes, and other weather phenomena.

That's why we choose this name.

What is Aristotle?

ARISTOTLE is an innovative system dedicated to the switching of messages having a meteorological format as described by the WMO.

It receives and sends the messages according to a administrator defined routing table.

What Make Aristotle Different?

  • We offer a visual impact to let you understand what's going on.

  • OS independent. We use latest technology that allow us to run our system in any environment like Linux, Windows or Mac.

  • Data availability to external systems or website through our Aristotle API

SWIM Migration?


Aristotle has integrated an IWXXM converter able to transform METAR/SPECI, TAF, TCA, VAA, AIRMET and SIGMET .

It is able to transform received TAC data into IWXXM and share those data with other stakeholder like AIM system, ATM etc..

With our system, Met data communication has never been so easy.

Aristotle UIs

Different interface depending on role

Admin Interface

Available only in specific workstations within the organization and web based

User Interface

Not subject to licenses

Dynamic Menu

Aristotle uses a dynamic Menu which provide information only they exist.

This apply to features like:

  • Correction

  • Missing data

  • Service Messages

Advanced Forms

Aristotle allow you to create messages with no possibility to have syntactical error.

Advanced Forms as well as Free Text composition are available

Missing Important Messages?

Aristotle help you to monitor important messages notifying you when they have not been received

Need more?